Bala ghan, 60 tablets
Bala is a great ayurvedic medicine for conditions, caused by Vata imbalance. In Sanscrit "bala" means "strength".&n..
Balm Patanjali, 25 grams
Balm Patanjali - a universal first aid for colds. It eases cough, relieves nasal congestion, reduces fever. Also oils in..
Cephagraine, 40 tablets
Cephagraine - integrated product, which is an effective analgesic for migraine and sinusitis. Cephagraine also eliminate..
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Crackot ointment, 25 grams
Crackot - ointment for healing of cracks in the skin. This ointment disinfects and quickly heals cracks on the heels, an..
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Kesri marham ointment, 40 grams
Keshri marham ointment - a medicine for treating various types of pain. This is a unique development of B.С. Hasaram. Oi..
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Nirgundi ghan, 100 tablets
Nirgundi is a natural tonic, with a large range of useful properties. It is an effective remedy for inflammatory disease..
Pain balm, 25 grams
Pain balm Kottakkal basically contains, well known for its analgesic and protivoavarijnye properties, Kshirabala ta..
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Pain balm, 8 ml
Pain balm, 8 ml
Balm Zandu well established as an effective pain remedy. Popular not only in India but also abroad, the balm from the co..
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Pathyadi ghan, 100 tablets
Pathyadi ghan, 100 tablets
Pathyadi is used primarily for headaches and migraines. Also, this medicine is used for any other types of pain - ear, t..
Peedantak ointment, 50 grams
Peedantak ointment is an efficient ayurvedic formula with good anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.This medicine ..
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Punarnava ghan, 60 tablets
Punarnava ghan, 60 tablets
Punarnava is very famous medicine known mainly as a diuretic. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory property and is ..
Rhukot gel, 25 grams
Rokot gel is a powerful multifunctional medicine that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, thus you can quickly g..
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